South Louisiana Hair Restoration

We offer a unique and time tested procedure, to men and women, called Follicular Unit Extraction also known as FUE. This procedure along with Dr. Guillot’s artistic expertise, and his dedicated staff, provides one of the highest quality hair restoration solutions in the south east. We are dedicated to providing high quality and lower cost hair restorations. Our prices reflect the efficiency of our staff and their experience.  The hair restoration department and its staff are there only to perform hair restorations and follow up care. This translates to a more personalized experience and at one restoration per day. Please look inside this website for an uncomplicated-straight to the point education and complete fees surrounding our hair restorations.
South Louisiana Hair Restoration

Why Choose Us?

We stand by our natural results and will follow up with you from time to time to make sure you are happy with your results. We know that these procedures are expensive. And for that we offer the lowest cost per graft. Our staff cuts out expensive equipment and uses the instruments that provide the best outcomes in our FUE. This dramatically decreases the cost of a hair transplant.
  • Our instrumentation and FUE procedure is meticulously performed by hand with a 0.9mm diameter punch and nothing larger. This diameter of the punch will provide the least amount of visual scarring of the donor area, so that our clients can virtually shave their heads.
  • There is NO LINEAR SCAR from sutures in the donor area. Traditional hair restoration methods such as a strip excision or FUT will prevent a full shaving of the scalp in most cases.
  • Military personnel, policeman, and other careers that use short cropped hair benefit from our FUE.
  • We adamantly educate young adults under the age of 25 to should choose this less invasive procedure over the standard “strip” method because of the linear scar as a first procedure.
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