Why Do I Have Dandruff?

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  • Dec 18, 2018

What is the common among millions but annoying Dandruff? It is common among humans. The annoying and embarrassing thing is that it is not simply a flaky dry scalp issue. More over, it is found to have a fungus components. The fungal component  responsible is Malassezia-Globose. Three areas of interest are what a true Dandruff diagnosis is:

The Three Components of dandruff

  1. First the The fungal species  Malassezia-Globose.
  2. Second is Sebum-oil
  3. Third, a genetic component to persons being more susceptible is present for the fungal infection.There are  early on experimentation in the 70’s. It provides data for the treatments of the scalps of massively severe dandruff; Of course antibiotics do not help much. However, changing to  an anti-fungal provides relief to the dandruff inflicted people. Unfortunately, a resistant fungal strain is on the loose.  Consequently, this is mutated from over prescribed use of Nystatin (an anti-fungal), and this is one of the many resistant micro organisms today. It dramatically increases  flaking of the scalp while increasing itching. Thus, more than the previous strain.

Besides this, a host genetic susceptibility or an individuals propensity to the fungal organism does plays a role in the chances of dandruff. either, some people simply do not get ANY dandruff, or they are lucky.

The use of Oleic acid is on the scalpThus it will cause an immediate response in forming dandruff on only the genetic susceptible folks. Hence, Oleic Acid is not inducing dandruff in non-genetic dandruff people.


Sebum is another  component involving  the anomaly. The Sebum oil is produced primarily by the sebaceous glands.  Cradle caps in infants is the over production of sebum at birth. Puberty  is notorious for causing an increase in sebum. Additionally, sebum oils are composed of wax esters, fatty acids, triglycerides,  squalene, cholesterol esters . Microbial bacteria resident to the scalp breaks down the Sebum Oils. It is noteworthy to know that if there is  more sebum oil, chances are there are more flakes. This will occur and especially during stressful life situations.

Finally, there is a plethora amount of anti fungal remedies including shampoos targeted for dandruff relief. dandruff scalp


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