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  • Jan 03, 2019

Q and A

Q and A #1

These are common questions that are answered by the combination of the clinical Director and the physician.. This Q and A blog is not medical advice. However it is an opinion based on years of concentrated experience in the hair restoration industry. These questions are to help patients find the right hair restoration clinic. 

Q: I accidentally hit my head 12 days after my FUE hair transplant, blood came out. Did I loose many grafts?
A: In my opinion I believe the injury did not disrupt the healed grafts at 14 days. It is possible but I have faith that you are fine. If you remain concerned, please ask your surgeon.

Q: Is it too early to experience shock loss? 3 weeks post-op.
A: It sounds like shockloss. It should return in 3 months. Stay on the finasteride and add minoxidil. Please confirm with surgeon.

Q: How many days after 1st FUE transplant can I have my 2nd FUE transplant sitting?
A: Well most physicians will er on the side of caution and tell you to wait for 6 months. If you have a high density in your donor then you should wait a couple to 3 months to see how your donor fared from the first extraction. If it really looks good then proceed and transplant into new areas of the scalp however. The standard is 1 year post op to proceed.

Q: Hit the head 50 days after FUE – could any damage to the grafts have occurred?
A: If you did not cut or have blunt trauma to your scalp, you should be fine. It would be difficult to damage the transplant at this stage.

Q: I am 2 months post op. My transplanted hair has been flattened, can I use a comb to fluff them up?
A: Use conditioner, shampoo, whatever you are used to to style your hair. It is ok at this stage. The transplanted grafts will shed.

Q: 4 month Post Operation, I am getting lot of bumps with pus and swelling. 1) Is it usual? 2) Does it impact hair growth?
A:  You should contact your surgeon for possible antibiotics and/or steroid treatment of your what I am assuming is folliculitis. Please get in touch with the physician that treated you.

Q: 14 weeks post FUE and I want another opinion on how my results look?
A: You are right on track with growth. You did not cause any problems. Please wait for the next 6-8 months for more growth.

Q: Are these hairs coming out of the same follicle?
A:The quick answer is yes you will often see follicles slightly spaced within their own group. It is normal and healthy. Your density counts are high and are good for a hair restoration. Cheers.

Q: I had used saline spray daily three times for fifteen days after hair transplant. Is this harmful or normal to the grafts?

A: Using saline spray daily three times for fifteen days after hair transplant.
This is perfectly acceptable for post operative use. Many clinics do not use any saline spray and the grafts grow just as well. Some clinics ask that you use other special post operative gels or oils. All of these are great options for quicker healing times, removing scabs more rapidly and also reducing “itching”.

More Q and A blogs coming soon. Thomas Ortiz, BS Clinical director answers these various questions with his physicians approval as opinions.

Thomas Ortiz

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