Questions and answers 3

  • Thomas
  • Jan 22, 2019

Questions and answers 3Questions and answers 3

Questions and answers 3… These are common questions that are answered by the combination of the clinical Director and the physician.. This Q and A blog is not medical advice. However it is an opinion based on years of concentrated experience in the hair restoration industry. These questions are to help patients find the right hair restoration clinic. 


Q: How can I grow hair in the gap or around it quicker? 

A: You definitely need to see a hair specialist. You cannot have a quick growth of hair. Everything is a slow process in the hair industry. Hair grows 1/4″ per month on average.

Q: Is it possible to inhibit hair loss that started due to dieting?

A: You need to have a consultation with a hair expert. Also you need to see a physician for a physical for hormone imbalances. But to answer your question…Yes it is possible to lose hair in extreme dieting.

Q: Am I at risk of an allergic reaction to the micro-blading dye (iron oxide) If I’ve had an allergic reaction to hair dye?

A: Micro-blading dyes usually do not have iron oxides in them. You should be fine. Ask the professional what dyes they use and the chemical make up of their dyes for your comfort. Then ask your hair specialist for their opinion.

Q: Can I rub my recipient area to remove the scabs so I can return to work without them? It has been three weeks post op.

A: You are fine to remove the scabs in my opinion. By this time the grafts are set. Just be careful when removing them if you left them from the beginning just after surgery. They should have been gone already with daily washing for the first two weeks. They are not going anywhere so you can go back to your normal regimen.

Q: My doctor damaged the density of my existing hair by planting grafts on MY EXISTING HAIR. I have less hair than before my transplant. Now what do I do?

A: More than likely you had whats commonly called shock-loss. If this is the case you will see a return of the native hair in about three months. Shock-loss is where there was minor trauma to the circulation to the native hair. It is like rebooting a computer. They are in shock and go dormant for a small bit of time, but then they will come back. Use minoxidil daily to help further them along. More importantly, ask your hair specialist who performed your surgery to confirm this.  

Q: I am an amazing CEO professional who must be in the public all the time. My hair looks like a 90 year old homeless man.Will hair surgery to fix my MPB? I have very little hair loss in my family, can something else be causing it? 

A: I understand your an amazing professional and and the need for hair. Hair restorations are very common today with the advancements and refinements today. 

More Q and A blogs coming soon. Thomas Ortiz, BS Clinical director answers these various questions with his physician’s approval as opinions.

More Q and A blogs coming soon. Thomas Ortiz, BS Clinical director answers these various questions with his physician’s approval as opinions.

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