How Can You Guarantee A Hair Transplant Result?

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  • Feb 28, 2019

Thomas Ortiz Blog

I am going to be straight up with you. If you are reading this blog, I feel that it is important for me to convey what we are. I believe in transparency. I also believe that my level of experiencing along with my physician, Jason Guillot, MD, who is also passionate about hair sets us apart from practically everyone in our region.  My name is Thomas Ortiz and I am going to just type my thoughts… . I have tremendous amount of hair transplant knowledge and even more is surgical experience in FUE. I am or I have been told that I have a deep passion for hair. I have to agree because I am my own quality assurance critic. I am very particular who either works with us during the hair transplants surgery or has any contact with any FUE grafts. If we have a case that is under 1000 grafts then usually Dr. Guillot and myself are the only ones performing the entire FUE. Why? Because I believe that the buck stops with me. I’ve performed in at least 2000+ FUE cases and the largest case I’ve been in was 4800 FUE grafts non-split. My point here is there is an extraordinary amount of specific experience in both Dr. Guillot and myself hands. If I am responsible for every case then there are no errors that can occur. If there was an issue (knock on wood-zero to date) then it is solely my responsibility to correct it. I am available 24hrs per day to answer questions, chat about hair or post op needs. 

Hair Transplants since 2003 has been my career and craft. Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE, was created or BORN in one clinic back in 2003 and I was a part of that team. So in essence there are no hair specialists that have more experience in at least FUE, since its inception.  I have made this procedure my craft and my career. My passion for hair is to help men and some women change their appearance THE RIGHT way. The right way is based on two perils.

  1. Experience in FUE itself.
  2. Placing the follicles into bald areas including hairlines the CORRECT way. 

The physicians I have had the gracious opportunity to learn from were THE TOP of this industry. The hair Transplant community is small. I went after the best od=f the best to learn and refine my skill set.Hair restoration is like GOLF. You are always learning and improving your skill.  Its a life long learning career. Hairlines are very meticulous for instance. You cannot fully understand and appreciate overnight its importance. It took 8 years of working side by side with the “Godfather” of hairline design. Dr. Guillot also in his own right shadowed the same Top hair restoration experts, and gained this knowledge AFTER his facial plastics board certification. Both of us together make a team that can guarantee consistent results of all hair restoration/hair Transplants. I can make a promise to the patient that you WILL have a good result because we care.

One other thing I live by is straight up front dialogue with every patient. This means I am not a salesman. I couldn’t sell candy bars as a child. SO my approach I adopted for my consults is educating the patient about every aspect of hair transplants. Providing knowledge and empowering the patient so they can make a solid informed decision. We state clearly what we can and cannot do. For instance, we will NOT do cases on young patients under 30 until we know that medical therapy such as finasteride/minoxidil is tried and for at least six months. Why? Because what if medical therapy improves their hair loss and many follicles came back? Then that reduces the amount of a transplant graft number. It also shows that you are committed to stopping hair loss and keeping what is left for life. Then we can discuss a surgical approach to fill in what did not come back. Trust me, most clinics will take you as you are , transplant you and not worry about your future hair loss. We care.

Also worth saying here is that we provide the exact amount of cost per hair transplant. We charge $5 per graft. There are no extra costs or taxes. It is a cost that is very competitive. Since Dr. Guillot and myself are the only ones working these cases, we keep our overhead low and the quality high. USA FUE prices are anywhere from $5 per graft to $15 per graft. Many clinics have to use expensive equipment or hire expensive teams that fly all over to do cases at different clinics. This increases the overhead and thus the fee for FUE. 

SO in conclusion, I am a straight forward hair transplant specialist. Dr. Guillot is a plastic surgeon specialist who also is straight forward. Together we are a very well oiled machine for hair restoration. I hope this blabbing blog finds its way to someone in need of hair. I can guarantee that I will do everything I can to make sure every graft has the most optimal chance to grow.

If you have read this blog, then you can schedule a complimentary consultation. If you book a surgery and mention this blog you will receive 6% off of your hair restoration fee. Office: 985-467-4247 After Hours: 952-215-8741-Text/Calls Email:
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