Questions and answers 5

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  • Feb 05, 2019

Questions and answers 5Questions and answers 5

Questions and answers 5… These are common questions that are answered by the combination of the clinical Director and the physician.. This Q and A blog is not medical advice. However it is an opinion based on years of concentrated experience in the hair restoration industry. These questions are to help patients find the right hair restoration clinic.

Questions and answers 5

Q: Pimple recipient area (2.5 months post-op FUE): popped out with 3 grafts


A: This time frame post op is approximately the time that hair begins to grow from a transplant. More than likely, the new hair may be pushing the old hairs out and they became trapped and inflamed. This is what caused the pimple. Popping the pimple just caused a release of the tension. There should NOT be any problems related to growth from popping the pimple.   



Q: Is there any medication I should take? I am 4 weeks post FUE. Is there any medication I should take? I am 4 weeks post FUE. I am femal Eand have PCOS.


A: This question should be answered by a reputable endocrinologist and possibly along with a hair restoration surgeon to be on the safe side.  They should work together to answer your plan your and execute your options.


Q: Would SMP on donor site cover FUE scars?


A: Yes SMP is an option that could be beneficial to your FUE spots. Scalp micro-pigmentation is a relatively newer procedure whereby a “tattoo” or a modified tattoo is performed with inks that are similar the color of a hair follicle in lieu of a hair. 


Q: Can I exercise before an FUE procedure?


A: It is our opinion that it is ok to work out before a procedure and there should not be any ill effects from working out only. However supplements orally could pose a problem, so please check with your surgeon.


Q: Will taking Cialis 6 days before FUE procedure. Will that affect me in any way or will there be blood clotting?


A:  No Cialis will not affect anything before or after the procedure. However the act of physical sex could impact a post op the day of and the days after a surgery so it would be to your advantage to follow your clinics procedures outlined in their pre and post op packages.


Q: Can a FUE hair transplant take longer than a year to see full results?


A:  Sometimes it can take more than 12 months for an FUE that had a weak donor hair characteristics. It depends however most of the cases have results within the 12 months. 


Q: I am post FUE day 26 and I vomited, did I dislodge the grafts?


A: The answer is simply No. You should not have any dis lodging of grafts from vomiting at this point post op. In fact you should have lost all scabs completely from the donor or recipient area. Please consult with your hair surgeon.


Q: Is it normal to have FUE implants positioned in a row? Will this look natural when the hair grows in?


A: It is hard to say if this is bad to do or will it turn out natural.  More than likely you will be ok.


Q: I am suffering from harlequin syndrome (hyperhidrosis). Does this affect my hair transplant?

A: The answer is probably no.  There is no documentation surrounding this medical condition that has pointed to hair loss due to hyperhidrosis.

Q: If I get a hair transplant for 1000 FUE in my temples, will I have shock loss on the top of my head?

A: More than likely no! Shockloss is rare. And especially in areas that are not having any treatment in. The good thing about shockloss is that most of the time the hair will grow back within a few months post op if it is true shockloss and not an underlying other issue. 


Q: Why has my transplanted hair started growing instead of shedding? Is that normal?


A: Apparently the last person to answer this question mis-red the question. You are asking if it is normal that you HAVEN’T shed yet. Yes this is actually a rare nice for you. Every once in awhile and mores seen in FUE than FUT, the grafts will not go through the process of normal shedding with a gradual return of growth and just start growing.


Q: Shave Head Before Hair Transplant


A: Ok I will say No. But I am being funny. There are a few clinics that provide a no shave or an incomplete shave FUE where by sections of the safe zone are cut and the hair not shaved covers these areas. HOWEVER HERE ARE THE DOWNSIDES:

  1. Expensive. These no shave FUE are inherently more expensive and add $2-$4 EXTRA…
  2. You risk extracting too much from a particular area and which could cause the donor to look patchy.


Q: Hair Falling off 4 Years After Hair Transplantation (FUE) Procedure.


A: You could have lost inherent hair due to male pattern baldness if not on a blocker such as finasteride. This means your natural hair was continuing to falling out. OR even more rare could there have been an extraction from the area that wasn’t safe. Go back and consult with your hair surgeon.



Q: Old FUT scar hurts after new FUE – I am 1 week post my FUE.


A: Well there is new trauma to the area where old scars are. You are only one week out. Scars in general tend to be more sensitive however give it more time then contact your clinic. And you may want to consider a revision if pain persists. Please consult with a hair specialist.




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