Questions and Answers 6

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  • Feb 14, 2019

Questions and Answers 6


Questions and Answers 6


Questions and Answers 6

Questions and Answers 6… These are common questions that are answered by the combination of the clinical Director and the physician.. This Q and A blog is not medical advice. However it is an opinion based on years of concentrated experience in the hair restoration industry. These questions are to help patients find the right hair restoration clinic. 


A: I’m confused about my recipient area after 10 days of transplant, I didn’t have any swelling —is that normal?

Yes it is normal that some or most patients do not have  swelling but it is possible. Do not worry about this . Make sure the scabs are gone by two weeks time.


Q: My post op said I would see growth in 3 months.Will there be much difference between my before and 3 month post-op pictures? 

A: It will be very early to provide an answer that is without speculation. However if it makes you feel better, most people say yes they see a difference that early on however the public doesnt see it. 

After 8-12 months then you should ask us the same question!

Q: Fever two months after FUE hair transplant?

A: No there will be no effects on the grafts from a fever/illness nor would it be caused by the FUE surgery At this particular time period unless there was a latent sterile abscess that was brewing (highly unlikely) there is no correlation. Check with your surgeon or us. . Get well soon.

Q:  Are Minoxidil and Finasteride permanent solutions?

A: No they are not permanent solutions but they do help. Consult with a renowned experienced clinic such as ours to look at surgical options. FIN and MINOX are there to help stop further loss and also help increase strengthening of the follicles.

Q: Could I achieve a full set of hair after my first FUE with hair from my body/neck?

A: Since you only have had one transplant you could probably have another one safely. In my opinion you should use the body hair as a last result and not as a primary source of donor. Why? Body hair outside the HEAD (HEAD= BEARD/SCALP) has a limited growth length and a shorter growing phase length. This is because if our body hairs (EVERYTHING BELOW THE HEAD) GREW LIKE THE SCALP OR BEARD THAT WOULD NOT BE A GOOD SURVIVAL ATTRIBUTE FOR HUMANS. WE WOULD BE STUCK CUTTING OUR BODY HAIR EVERY TWO WEEKS LIKE CAVEMEN. Oops sorry for the caps. I wasnt looking at the screen and I am not retyping lol

Anyway body hair is what I call WYSIWIG-What You See Is What You Get-that said the length and coarseness along with number of follicles per graft are what they are when you extract them. They won’t grow longer, ger any courser or add follicles to their units. There could be a time period after you transplant body hair hairs where it looks like they fell out… But in fact they were just in the resting cycle. Scalp/beard hair stays in the growing phase in over *0% of the time. Years in fact. No one knows a standard of what body hair stays in growing phase but it is a fact that it stays way less then scalp/beard about 50% Great question that deserved this answer.


Q: Will it cause harm that I showered with chlorinated water 2 days ago at 2 months post-op?

A:  At 75 days it would almost impossible to cause harm of grafts with chlorinated waters fit for human consumption. 

Q: Can I stop hair loss completely and regrow hair like normal? I got a transplant in my hairline at age 21. But I am losing so much hair now behind it at age 26.

A: Apparently you need to do a bit more research and consultation because these questions should have be answered before your first transplant. I feel quite upset that someone would transplant you at age 21 in the HAIRLINE! Here is the short answer about that. You NEED to come in to see us or a reputable clinic NOW. You will need to have a full educational consultation and you need to get on Finasteride (FIN) FIN will at least slow or completely stop the hair loss. But you will not regrow hair that is gone. Please know that you may be stuck chasing more transplants if you continue to lose hair.

Q: My scalp is very dry and scabby 3 months post FUE, advice?

A: Either the post op instructions were not properly given to you or the clinic did not have proper instructions. This scabbing should not be there. Contact the clinic and ask them how to proceed from here. Personally I would instruct you to vigorously scrub the scalp to remove all scabs at this point post op. It shouldn’t hurt them.

Q: 4 weeks post FUE Hair Transplant -3000 grafts. Experiencing shock loss near donor and recipient area. Is this permanent or temporary?

A: You need to in to see your hair surgeon so that you can let them evaluate both the the donor and the recipient. If it is shock loss then you will see a return in 3 months. If it is something different then you may have an issue.

Q: What do I do after doctor said I need one more FUE session. I’m 1 year post-op.

A: Well if you had the frontal region done first and will do the second session to fill the rest at a later time. That sounds reasonable to me.

Q: 18 days post FUE hair transplant. Did I permanently lose graft or is it just a shed hair?

A: Please follow the post op instructions for the first two weeks. If you are day 18 then you should be fine.

Q: Is my head healing properly 2 weeks post hair transplant? I am  Losing hair on left side temple after FUE transplant: I had FUE transplant 3 weeks ago.

A: You shouldn’t worry at that time period . They may have started shedding on that part of the scalp earlier than the rest but there  is no data suggesting that early shed is an issue.

Q: How to do I treat bumps from beard hair extraction 2.5 months ago? 

A: We suggest that you contact your hair surgeon. This sounds like folliculitis or trapped hair that may need a pharmacological intervention. You may need an antibiotic. 

More Q and A blogs coming soon. Thomas Ortiz, BS Clinical director answers these various questions with his physicians approval as opinions.

Thomas Ortiz

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