Accountability Hair Advocates for Better Hair Restorations Part II.

  • Thomas
  • Mar 19, 2019

Hair Advocates


Continued from previous blog…

Hair Advocates… were obviously duping unwary clientele into a hair restoration or convincing them that if you pre-pay $20,000 you will get hair product release will solve their problems. The hair forums were the platforms that advocates could fight or push back these shady practices. At first there were a few web posters that called out these people. I could make a  long list of things that were released to the web forums from different clinics that were really bad for the prospective hair transplant client. These guys merely came to these forums to learn about hair loss and read different posts.  Here are a couple of examples that happened and duped people out if thousands of dollars. I will block out the names of the persons involved, but you can google these examples:


  1. I quote from a published book about the future of hair restorations:, ” Dr. XXXX XXXX of Mexico offers hair multiplication under the
    proprietary name “Scalp IXXXXXXXtion Therapy.” A twenty-minute
     session—administering cultured hair cells suspension
    quantified in ounces—claims to yield up to 6,000 hairs with negligible discomfort. As with any new medical breakthrough, the results
    are yet undetermined and cost for treatment is high—ranging from
    $22,000 to 36,000.”- PRE-PAID.
    Yes this happened. Later this person was arrested after a long investigation.
  2. Another quote from a published book, “In 1998, Dr. Xxxxxx Xxo of the Netherlands patented
    with the World Intellectual Property Organization, a “Method for
    the Propagation of Hair”, in which he describes a method of plucking
    hairs in the anagen (growth) phase, and culturing the dermal papilla
    cells from the portion of the hair bulb at the end of the plucked hair.
    He describes using commercial cell culture media along with various
    beneficial additives such as amino acids, vitamins, trace elements,
    growth hormones, and antibiotics…”For years this person touted his discovery and even went to conferences to announce his mammoth accolade… however, he never had a single research paper or result to show progress, let alone a single human result. In fact he was completely debunked eventually. These are just two examples of this industry’s cancers that gave it a bad name. The two examples above were pummeled on hair forums to tell the truth. They did not stand a chance in this medium but who knows how much advertising they did outside of the forums. I know of one example where a doctor changed his last name to reflect a name synonymous with AFFLUENCY or a well known brand  name to such as Kenneth Cole or Tommy Hilfiger… Lets call him Dr. Prada (The designer). Dr. Prada touted super low hairlines to all people with hair loss. 
    Many young men that come in for consultation will ask if you can lower their hairline to when they were 20 years old. Of course we all would love that. But at 47 years old, it might look strange if I had an a low hairline. Naturally, a hairline will look  mature at 40, 50, 60 and so on. We plan appropriately for this… well at least those who understand the perils of hair restorations… the do’s and the don’ts. One peril is to always transplant for the benefit of the good for the patient. Plan for potential future hair loss.
    You would think this is easy to convey but it is not. Doctor shopping that led this this next debacle and the perfect doctor… Dr. Prada, cause another run of people to be duped into this industry. Dr. Prada became an internet sensation practically over night and became known for his highly densely packed low hairlines and offered this to any one and every one.  He opened up offices all over the world and charged $500 for JUST his consultations. Dr. Prada racked up on cash until it came out about 3 years later that it was evident that he did not take the future into account of his patients, nor did he help any of the ones he practically destroyed cosmetically. A nice densely packed LOW hairline that is 1.5″ wide x 8.0″ long along the forehead and nothing behind this wall because the patient continues to lose hair, does not look aesthetically pleasing. These guys I felt bad for…More to come in future blog…More Proof:

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