The Hydrafacial… A New and Old Tech

  • Thomas
  • Jun 06, 2019

Some new but old Tech I researched for the Medical Spa…

The hydrafacial has become so popular , that it was time for a blog that examined behind the scenes for a more in-depth look.

Right off the bat, there are a couple of pros for the hydrafacial that attracts people… 1. Zero downtime and 2. Instant gratification of results, but there are even more pros to consider. The hydrafacial is a  real “facial” meaning that the procedure aims to lessen lines, dark sunspots, clogged pores, improve texture, help mild acne and it exfoliates. This is a professional facial and it sits just between a basic spa facial and a laser treatment. The procedure can improve the facial dermis without peeling or irritation. How does this procedure work?

The hydrafacial is a patented three step process. The first step is to cleanse and peel with a spiral-suction tip that goes along your face and dislodges impurities, black heads and opens pores. This process does not come with discomfort. In fact most people state that this is relaxing and in rare cases there was redness for about an hour after the procedure.  This part is the gentle exfoliation.

Step 2 is the extraction and hydration of all of the debris that the first step stirred up. This step is also painless as well. This part hydrates with intense moisturizers that nourish the skin. But we are not done yet…

Step 3 is where the instant gratification comes from… The boost as it is sometimes called, but is really named the Fuse and Protect phase. This is where the hydrafacial will saturate-infuse antioxidants and other peptides that will increase the glow of your skin.  What is really interesting is that the boost is totally customizable, depending on your needs. For instance, if you need to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, then a growth-factor boost can be added. The Bright Alive Boost is patented serum booster that brightens skin, lessens discoloration and gives the instant gratification.

There are other pros for this procedure, such as the fact that the hydrafacial is good for all ages. If you are a teenager battling acne, the hydrafacial can work for you. Hydrafacial is mild enough to be offered to the most sensitive skin types. Older patients with wrinkles and sun damaged skin also benefit from hydrafacials. Only people with active rashes, severe sunburns, or even roacea should stay clear of the hydrafacial. Women who are pregnant should also abstain from the hydrafacial, mainly from the infused products during the procedure that have not been tested in pregnant women.

Lets turn to stats for this procedure. World wide it has been said that a hydrafacial is being performed every 15 seconds. That number is mind-boggling, but one can see why it so popular.  There really  is not much negative adverse reactions to the procedure.  A study put out back in 2008 that looked at hydradermabrasion (a type of hydrafacial) that confirms the validity of this concept and why it is so popular today.

Published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology and found on PubMed, 20 females, ages 34-56 underwent 6 facial treatments. The women were randomized into two groups A and B. Group A had total hydradermabrasions with infused antioxidant serums. Group B had a manual topical application onto the face of the antioxidant serums.   Both groups underwent biopsies, and photographic evidence BEFORE the procedures and AFTER the procedures. The conclusion was astounding. All participants had no adverse side effects. Group B had zero changes in skin, zero increased anti-oxidant levels, and zero clinical skin attributes. Group A which was the hydradermabrasion procedures saw an increase in epidermal thickness, an increase in anti-oxidant levels in the skin, a replacement of collagen, and hyalinization.  There were high fibroblast activity which also resulted in the Group A participants, visual decrease in fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

The application of the antioxidant serum to the face by manual massaging, and the having no changes whatsoever VS all all of the positive changes with the hyrdadermabrasion must be the basis of this highly popular hydrafacial. 

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