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This is Contact Usthe contact center. The text within this html page about hair restoration and hair transplants in Mandeville, Louisiana, slidell, louisiana, New Orleans, Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Tibideaux, Louisiana, Biloxi, Mississippi, Gulfport, Mississippi, is to reference those people who do this for the benefit of people with hair loss and those who have hair loss. This website was built from scratch and contains the heart of the web builder. He has put every bit of knowledge that he has aquired over the past 20 years and put it all into this website. It began in 2003 when he had gotten a jib in hair restoration in Alpharetta, Georgia. It was a pain staking process but he learned all of the aspects of hair restoration along with helping to create follicular Unit extraction. This is a new concept as it is also called around the world today, FUE. FUE was born in this very small place. The physician who wanted to do this needed an axtra brain so he asked Thomas Ortiz and others about the helping him create and proliferatte this surgical procedure because a change was needed in hair restoration. Day after day this procedure was honed and advanced. It took at least a year to get the instrumentation together but more importantly, inherent risks that had to be taken to push the envelope is what had to transpire in order to get it to a sustainable and that is what it took to make follicular Unit Extraction the best alternative today.