As far as our Financing is concerned, we prefer to list our prices up front, so that you can compare us with anyone in the surrounding I-12 Corridor including Baton Rouge, LA to Slidell, LA, New Orleans, LA and the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. We called anonymously to several local hair restoration providers, to see where we stood competitively in the FUE community. We asked what would be the fee is for an FUE procedure if we needed 2000 grafts.
Interestingly, we found:

  • Several offices did not provide their fees unless we spoke with someone and gave them contact information.
  • We found three providers that cost: $7, $8, and $10 per graft. Out of these, one of them could only perform 1000 FUE extractions per day at $10 per graft.
  • There were three  FUE providers at $6, $6.40 and $7 per graft.
  • The Mississippi Gulf Coast which includes: Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, Pass Christian, Mississippi, Gulfport, Mississippi, Biloxi, Mississippi and Oceans Springs, Mississippi DID NOT HAVE an established hair restoration solution or provider.

Hair Restoration Fees

  • 1st Consultation is with the Clinical Director of Hair Restoration, Thomas Ortiz, who provides an education of FUE and includes: Pictures, a Scalp Analysis, and a Master Plan: Fee: $0.00
  • 2nd consultation with Dr. Jason Guillott, MD, who will confirm the Master Plan along with you and Thomas, and may write an Rx for hair loss if needed: Fee: $0.00
  • Both of the above are on the same day back to back and typically lasts as long as you need but usually an hour. $0.00
  • All follow up visits with pictures for comparing the growth after a transplant: Fee: $0.00
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): $5.00 per graft.
  • Post Op Kit: CopperK Spray, Cream, Shampoo: $64.
  • PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma 1-Treatment Post -Op: $0.00
  • Post Op Rx: $0.00.
  • Lunch: Provided by Us: $0.00. Total Cost for a 2000 graft FUE: $10,064


  • Scar Resection/Resection/ Repair: Fee: Varies $1500-$2500.
  • Scar Repair with FUE: Fee: $1000-$2000.
  • Beard and Body Hair FUE into scalp Fee: $7 per graft minimum of $3500 or 500 grafts.
  • Scalp to Beard Transplant Fee: $2500-$3500.
  • Plug Redistribution and repair redistribution for natural look. Fee: Case by Case. These usually take more than one surgical repair.
  • Eye Brow Transplant Fee: $2000-$3000.
  • PRP-Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments $250 per Session.

We Gladly Accept

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Cash.