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Platelet Rich Plasma or PrP is a a relatively new approach to hair loss in the hair transplant industry. When we say “new”, that means it is the newest treatment out that has traction. We waited for a couple of years for its efficacy to gain time-tested positive results. PrP was first tested and now used routinely in athletic injuries, chronic wounds,  and finally made its way to hair restoration. Now we have added this service as a viable medical treatment and NOT a surgical treatment for hair loss.

What is PrP?

In mammalian blood, there is a component that arrives to a traumatic injury first, and begins a cascade of repair events. This is accomplished by releasing biochemicals that attract repairing white blood cells and enhancing the expression of cell receptors around the injury to increase the activity of repairing when the white cells and other cells arrive. It is a very complex event. The platelets themselves can plug a laceration in vessels, and other tissue to stop bleeding. These platelets are so important that without them you would not live long without a transfusion of plasma. They are produced in the marrow in your long bones just as white blood cells and red blood cells are produced. So what does this mean for hair?


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PrP for Hair Loss

In hair loss from Male Pattern Baldness (MPB),  PrP has the potential to slow or stop hair loss in certain individuals. Especially those who have thinning hair and the there is still  some remnants of fine wispy thin follicles when compared to the individuals normal hair. These hairs are on their way out in MPB and will eventually be jettisoned. In these individuals, the use of PrP has been proven to be beneficial. When PrP is been collected from your own blood, concentrated, and injected or used topically, a reversal of the fine, wispy hairs also know as Vellus hairs can be achieved over time. This is where South Louisiana Hair Restoration can help using your own blood in this therapy. We took our time to read and research many articles and research publications to devise the best protocol approach and backed up by scientific data. 


PrP Method of Collection

Since Platelets and Platelet Rich Plasma is found in your blood, it must be concentrated and collected in its highest purity. But how?  The normal human range of platelet concentration is 150, 000 to 450, 000 platelets per µL of whole venous blood. Platelets and all blood components have a weight to them that is specific. Weight means just as the definition of the term. My normal body weight is 180lbs. A car weighs 2-4 tons. Platelets, red blood cells, white blood cells also have their “molecular weights”.  Platelets have  a molecular weight of about 29,000 daltons. A dalton is just a way of measuring small molecules. A red blood cell has a molecular weight that ranges but on average 150,000 daltons. So the easiest way to concentrate Pure-PrP or P-PrP is to draw blood into tubes with a Calcium based additive to stop clotting. Then spin the tubes in a centrifuge at varying times and speeds to get the heavy molecules to go to the bottom of the tubes and the lighter molecules to stay up top. 

However there hundreds of different molecules with their own weights in blood so we have to concentrate P-PrP by a methods stated above-varying spinning times and speeds.  Here is a typical protocol for PrP:

  1. Collect tubes of Blood.
  2. Spin these tubes.
  3. Wait a period of time, then spin again.
  4. Then you have PrP.
  5. Some methods massage PrP into the scalp after injuring the surface.
  6. Other methods inject the PrP fluid into the scalp.

In our case after the procedure, you will be instructed to leave the scalp alone for 48 hours and return in 30-40 days for a repeat session. There will be 3 more sessions for a total of 4. Improvement are seen soon after 3-4 treatments and continue to improve as time goes on.

Our cost for this procedure is $550.00 for the four sessions  and no additional cost. The total cost for the four sessions is paid in full two weeks prior to the first visit to take advantage of the discount which equals $1000 off normal fee:  $2,200. You will schedule the 4 sessions at 30-40 days in between. An individual PrP session is $800 per session. Unfortunately insurance does not cover this fee as of yet.  If you have any questions concerning the PrP treatments we offer at SLENT-HR please call Thomas at 985-467-4247 or 985-467-HAIR at anytime during or after business hours.


1 Day Post Op

Here is 1 day post op from a kind gentleman who has volunteered his scalp for photographs. The markings on this picture were used for landmarks. Usually these will not be present 1 day post op.

1 day post op prp